Business Asset Sale of an existing and operating Bakery and Sandwich Cafe Business located historic Lambertville, New Jersey


Business Name: Lambertville BakeHouse
Property Address: 61 North Main Street
NAICS/ SIC / Category 311811 / Bakeries & Cafes
Business Selling Price $275,000
Security Deposit: $27,500. Asset Purchase Agreement
What’s For Sale/Transaction: This is a Business Asset Sale of all Business Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment, Leasehold Improvements, Intellectual Property, Raw Material Inventory, Branding, Copyrights, Trademarks, Signage, Goodwill and Leasehold Rights.
Financing: The Seller has indicated an interest in considering a loan to the Buyer for a portion of the Selling Price, subject to negotiations.
Ownership: Lambertville Bakehouse, LLC
Social Media / FACEBOOK:
Social Media / INSTAGRAM:
Assets: Business Name, Inc transfer, Inventory, Intellectual Property, Furniture, Fixture, Equipment, Marketing Rights, Signage, Leasehold Improvements and Leasing Rights.
Lease Liabilities: Owner willing to enter into new, 5-10 year NNN Lease with Owner/Operator.
Lease Term: Open for discussion
Current Monthly Total Rent: Gross Rent Monthly Rent is currently quoted at $3,975.00/mo for a new, 5 year lease.
Available sqft. 1,217 sqft. interior space, lower level basement storage and utility closet
Dimensions: 20’ wide x 52’ deep.
Staffing: Owner has owned and operated the business up through 12/31/2023. Former staff is potentially available for re-hire (3 PT staff).
Operating Status: Currently Closed and was Operated by current owner/operator on 12/31/2023.
Opened for Business: July, 2022
Market (MSA): Trenton-Princeton, MSA
SubMarket: Lambertville, NJ - New Hope, PA
Trade Area: Hunterdon, Bucks and Mercer Counties
Center/ Neighborhood: Main Street, Downtown Lambertville, NJ
Available: Immediately
CONTACT: Mark Mueller
PHONE: 856.745.9706
Offering Memorandum Link:

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Business Description

This is the sale of a active and open restaurant business created, designed, equipped and currently owned and operated by local resident and former Michelin restaurant pastry chef. The retail cafe, offers countertop services, casual dine-in seating, local delivery and pickup to a retail, wholesale, catering and event planning customer. The retail shop and bakery kitchen facility is located in Lambertville, New Jersey The location features a friendly and inviting cafe/sandwich shop in front with countertop service counters containing visible baked good cases. The rear of house features a fully functional kitchen with 2 grease rated vent hoods, several large, industrial type freezer and refrigerator storage units and a fully equipped professional production bakery kitchen with modern, multi-purpose equipment.

Transaction Summary

This will be a Business Asset Sale of the existing cafe and bakery business with full transfer of Organizational Assets; Business Name; Intellectual Property; Signage Rights; All Existing Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment, Leasehold Improvements; Social Media Site Permissions, Website and all existing Retail, Wholesale, Catering and Delivery business The Current Business Owner owns existing 3 story building and is will be the Landlord for the new tenant.

Facility and Location

The existing cafe and bakery are located in a sqft. (20’ wide) retail, inline main street location. has the benefit on-street public parking and 4 available spaces in the rear of the building. The business has excellent street visibility and signage (and numerous center access points with fluid car circulation. State of the Art Equipment for Professional Food Prep, Baking, Cooking, Deli & Sandwich Preparation, Packaging and Prep for Delivery. Large Freezer and Refrigerator and extensive storage space for raw material and supplies for retail and wholesale production capacity for baking and pastry production. Two (2) 6’ grease rated ventilated cooking / frying hoods with Ansul fire spressiona systems in place. 25 lb. grease traps, rear of building delivery and employee entrance.

Business Reference Guide

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Space Layout

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Business Upside

Financial Summary

BGR Sandwich Shoppes 10.26.23 copy.pdf

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This Business Opened on 7/1/22 and created the following business metrics based on a R-12 period through 6/30/2023.

Business Metric Description Period Metric - First Full Year % of Revenue Projected 2024 Typical Industry Standard or Valuation Multiple Comments
REVENUE 7/1/2022-6/30/2023 $286,189 - $357,736 x .31 ROT: . 45
Cost of Goods $87,358 30.5% $109,110 29%
GROSS PROFIT $198,830 69.5% $248,627 x .48
Payroll and Salaries $91,171 31.9% 22% Includes FMV of Owner / Mgr. Salary
NET PROFIT $107,659 37.6%
Operating Expenses $139,040 48.6% $250,728
- Advertising $6,594 2.3% 2.2%
- Rent $48,680 17.0% 10%-12% Based on estimated new Lease (Base Rent: $40.00 psf / NNN (CAM, Taxes, Prop. Tax): $2.28 psf)
- Business Insurance $7,538 2.6%
- Owner/Mgr. FMV Salary $45,000 15.7% $50,000
PRE-TAX INCOME -31,380 $52,588
EBITDA -$1,752 $53,899 x 2.21
SELLER DISCRETIONARY EARNINGS (SDE) $1,728 $98,899 x 1.67 Include Owner’s actual Salary + Pre-Tax Income + Depreciation Expense
Inventory $5,000 $5,000 Estimated at time of Settlement
Furniture, Fixture, Equipment (FF&E) $125,997 $125,997 Original Values
Leasehold Improvements $103,933 $103,933 Original 2021 Cost Values Used
FIXED ASSETS $229,870 $229,870 Original FM Values Used

Demographics & Psychographics

LBH Demographics and Psychographics 11.12.23.pdf

Market Potential, Demand and Tapestry Segment Data (for 5-10-20 Min Drive Time):

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Baby Boomer Population (Born 1946 to 1964) - 28%